One thing I have noticed about the chosen people I have told about my MRKH, is that some of them hesitate about talking about anything to do with pregnancy. It doesn’t happen a lot but when it does happen it is very noticeable. I’m worried that when I’m older and my friends start having babies, they might hesitate to tell me from the fear that they might upset me. I understand why the people I love might refrain from talking about certain topics and I think it’s sweet that they don’t want to upset me.

The truth is though, that everything that I see, read and hear everyday reminds me of my MRKH. It is always on my mind and will always be on my mind so I have had to get used to it. It’s so ingrained my in mind that every time I look at another female I feel that pang of pain from the loss of what could have been. For 5 years I have known about myself and am OK with the card I have been dealt. It isn’t easy but I have to live with it so the only choice i have is to stay positive šŸ™‚

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