Moving Forward

Good afternoon 🙂

Image      I will be attending my second MRKH meeting at the Sydney Royal Women’s Hospital in April this year. I am looking forward to this meeting alot this time in particular as my mother will be speaking on behalf of all mothers whose daughters have MKRH. This took a lot of courage to even accept the offer of speaking at the meeting as it will be a very tough thing for her to do. I don’t think therewill be a dry eye in the room after she is finished her speech. I am so proud of her for speaking to all the women, she is truly inspirational and I am so lucky to have her by my side 🙂 

I will be travelling to Europe from the end of November to January this year and the first stop will be London. I have decided to go to the Queen Charlottes Hospital to have a look at their fantastic MRKH program of which I have been told so much about. I am hoping to chat to some of the girls their to hopefully share my story and to let them know that things will turn out OK. That while having MRKH is tragic for a woman, it’s not the end of the world as it should never define who we are as a woman. 

I have decided to return to my psychologist that I used to see upon finding out about my condition, as lately it’s been affecting me a lot more than it used to. It could have been anything that made those depressing feelings about infertility resurface. My anxiety levels have risen and I’ve experienced a few panic attacks over minor things that hasn’t happened to me in 3 years. So I thought I’d better get a handle on this sooner rather than later as I am a full-time university student and do not need my grades to suffer because of this. I know I am a strong woman and I know I can get past this. I just need to tools and techniques to guide me through again 🙂

Love ForeverFaithful xx

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